Working to prevent homelessness in our community, we partner with those citizens who are at a heightened risk and provide rent and utility assistance, security deposit support, seasonal clothing, and tax relief.


Through community programs like Adopt-a-Grandparent, Adopt-a-Teen, and regularly scheduled visits to various healthcare facilities, we build enriching relationships with vulnerable members of our community.


We believe that with increased knowledge our community can thrive, so we offer classes on budgeting, faith centered study, emotional support, and relationship building.

Additional Programs:

Self Esteem Camps

Prayer Warriors

Coping Skills

Encouragement Bags

Bible Class

Activities with Schools

Follow-Up Visits

Sleeping Bags and Tents for the Homeless

Servant’s Heart Projects

Barnabas Vision offers service opportunities utilizing various talents from our community. While still in its infant stages, we’re collecting volunteer information for future community projects and outreach efforts. If you have a specific skill that you would like to use to benefit your community please fill out the form below.

All information is used by Barnabas Vision only unless you specify otherwise. Only by your permission would we give your contact information to another organization. You will only be contacted regarding volunteer opportunities. If you don’t hear from us that doesn’t mean we don’t need you! Please be patient as needs come in various forms and at various times.