What an interesting and amazing two weeks we have had at Barnabas Vision.  This is not meant to be seen as boasting but sharing with you so you can help communicate what we are hopping to do here.

  • I have spent time coordinating several service projects with volunteers that have come in. From cutting someone’s yard, cleaning house and outside maintenance, most of these are senior citizens on low income.
  • This afternoon I and two others helped move furniture for a disabled lady.
  • A couple of times 4 volunteers have helped me to move furniture for the Domestic Violence center. I have had a meeting to brain storm ways to help the Domestic Violence center, as well. We are currently working on a mentoring program with them.
  • Last Saturday I took a man to the hospital to visit his wife. He was recently hit by a car while he was ridding his bicycle.
  • I went with Mike Stroud to a Bible lesson and will be leading one tomorrow.
  • I went to the community health care center and help co-lead a Bible study and then spent time with one man that seemed lonely and wanted to show me around and the Garden.
  • I spent time taking someone to the airport. Two minuets after I picked her up she asked me if I am what they called a Christian. That was the conversation for the rest of the ride to the airport. We had a 40 minute Bible study on the way to the airport.
  • I also attended a Bible study with Mike at Greenhouses.
  • Maria and I have dealt with a couple of benevolence matters.
  • We volunteered at the Block Party on January Street for national night out, helping wrap and give out hotdogs. We got to meet and encourage many members of that community.
  • I arranged and lead a meeting with RBI and some people in Murfreesboro. We are planning on doing a one day baseball camp for the inter city kids and maybe others in January at MTSU with professional baseball players. RBI is an organization that leads baseball camps but also tries to lead and mentor youths.
  • I have been in correspondence with a woman who recently separated from her husband and is going through a divorce. Maria and I try to offer encouragement.
  • I went to the hospital to visit a lady that just got out of prison. While I was there I saw some church members that were there because one of there family members had an emergency operation. I lead a prayer.
  • I have met and trying to continue to mentor a young man whose life was messed up with drugs. Some of these things take less time than others.
  • This past week I have been able to show Christ and also in some situation share him. From the halls of hospitals, nursing homes, streets of the inner city to the suburb area of Murfreesboro, I have been given thee opportunities to share Jesus with others.

For the last few months I have struggled to think of a 30 second elevator speech. I am still trying to think and form the right words that will adequately describe what I am trying to do and my vision. I am still searching, however, and a recent conversation with my 6-year-old son put it in perspective. Maybe not be the right words to tell the public but I found it interesting. As I was trying to think how to describe my job I asked my son Benjamin what does Daddy do for a living now. He look at me and said you just love people. You just care for them. I ask him how does Daddy take care of them and he to just do whatever their needs are, take care of them and if you can’t you get them where they need to be than you get other people that can help them.

That is what I am trying to do – love and care for people where they are at and help them through their struggle or pain. If it is a broken marriage, the realization that a person is older and will never return home again, a person in the hospital facing physical pain, in the inner city where there is the pain and struggle for food and finance, international students that struggle to fit in to a new culture – Barnabas Vision gives me the opportunity to care for others and their various needs full time and to share and teach Jesus!


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